mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

Vere chicche from London

Si chiama Irregular Choicee, il brand londinese che sta spopolando anche su web. Vere chicce stilose da acquistare anche on line

In August 1999, Irregular Choice was launched from the quaint seaside town of Brighton on the south coast of England, by design entrepreneur Dan Sullivan.
 Dan was on a mission to change the way we see shoes and put his Irregular ‘stomp’ on the footwear world.
Irregular Choice has since been named ‘The Lifestyle Choice of Fashion Footwear’ by Super Super mag and The Purveyor of Fresh, malicious and multicoloured shoes’ by WAD, They have also launched a flagship store in New York’s Nolita neighbourhood and a residence on London’s Carnaby Street.
 Dan came from an original design background, educated by his up- bringing and surroundings, his parents owned the well renowned Transport store on London’s Kings Road in the 70s, working with the likes of Red or Dead and Katherine Hamnett, back when fashion was about being distinctive and making a strong statement.  This propelled Dan into launching the Irregular Choice brand.  Dan saw the gap for fresh, fun footwear, always keeping true to the original source of inspiration and imagination: his unique travels and experiences.
Irregular Choice kicked off its first season with its own take on the traditional Japanese split-toe look, which often reappears in current collections.
 Over the last 10 years Irregular Choice has carved itself a niche and inadvertently founded itself a fan club. Having had collaborations with some of the worlds most sought after brands and designers, we are constantly pushing the boundaries with each collection.  IC has even been named ‘The Viagra of the shoe industry’.
 With over 500 pieces designed by Dan per season, plus handbag lines, a new girls’ sneaker range titled ICED, clothing releases and hotter than hot collabs with Hollywood design duo Heatherette, Fashion innovator Emma Bell, cult 60s doll Blythe and streetwear company Akomplice, we are relentlessly portraying the Irregular ethos.

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